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1、大数据战略与能力建设大数据战略与能力建设 BCG简介 二O一四年五月 Strategic Analytics大数据战略与能力建设_credential.pptx 1 Copyright 2013 by The Boston Consulting Group,Inc.All rights reserved.BCG在为客户提供大数据方面的卓越服务中拥有丰富的经验在为客户提供大数据方面的卓越服务中拥有丰富的经验(一)(一)成果成果 影响影响 国际主要银行启动端到端的大数据试点项目,为银行带来了显著的影响 确定了15个新的态度属性,3个细分领域;有66%的运营活动可以转移到线上渠道;能够锁定34%此前

2、失去联系的债务人;理解消费者支出模式的能力 国际主要银行国际主要银行 BCG协助一家荷兰零售银行开展了针对大数据的价值验证、能力评估并规划了实施路线 用于识别潜在小康客户的模型仅在两周之后就能够对测试中的九成客户进行正确分类 欧洲主要银行欧洲主要银行 BCG将“大数据”与消费者洞察相结合,帮助客户提升在年轻消费群中的份额 预计响应率与基准数据相近(产品/服务的成功销售率高达25-30%),客户在年轻专业人士客户群中的影响力也有所提升 主要的美国零售银行主要的美国零售银行 资料来源:BCG 项目经验 1 2 3 BCG帮助住房贷款互助协会开发了一个用于管理客户生命价值以及营销活动的新模型 通过以

3、高级分析法为基础的方案,为客户带来可观的正面损益影响-在当前利率环境下,在利润总额中的比例高达20%住房贷款互助协会住房贷款互助协会 4 15941-04-Tier1_BigDataInFI_Credentials-RC-Sep13-Mad-v7.pptx88Copyright 2013 by The Boston Consulting Group,Inc.All rights reserved.Major International Bank embarked on an end-to-end pilot Big Data programme bringing significant imp

4、act to the bankBCG solution/approachImpactBCG supported the bank to identify,priortise and implement Big Data initiatives.Key work areas:Hosted innovation workshop to identify cross-industry initiatives with a high probability of generating new revenueDeveloped an iterative methodology to prioritise

5、 and productionise selected initiatives Developed business cases and projects chartersDefined go to market and implementation approaches Identified and supported partner selection to implement Defined architecture blueprint and infrastructure requirements Prepared for initiatives market launch,inclu

6、ding implications for marketing&sales functionsCoordinated the project(PMO)Developed a framework to assess and prioritise the initiatives based on value and feasibility identified during the early stages of the projectThe pilot initiatives allowed the bank to:Increase knowledge of clients based on a

7、ttitudinal attributes using internal and external sources 14 new attributes identifiedDetermine which clients(Youngs,Senior and Premium segments)and operations(up to 66%of them)could be migrated from branch to online channelsLocate 33%of unreachable debtors tracking internal and new external sources

8、Understand customer spending habits by analyzing credit card and PoS data providing retailers with new customer insights and also the ability to evaluate the impact of events at a current cityContext/ProjectIn 2012,major international bank mobilisedsome initial Big Data initiatives and committed to

9、the Group Steering Committee that these would be fully operational in several monthsRecently,the bank was looking to explore other opportunities to generate revenue from cross-industry initiatives by leveraging existing data sources and new data typesBCG had the opportunity to collaborate with the b

10、ank to define the strategy and implementation approach required to operationalisenew and on-going opportunities Big Data presentedSource:BCG case experience15941-04-Tier1_BigDataInFI_FrameBCGApproach-RC-20Aug3-Mad-v1.pptx44Draftfor discussion onlyCopyright 2013 by The Boston Consulting Group,Inc.All

11、 rights reserved.The developed framework is resulting effective in prioritizing initiativesAgreed 5 criteria.Business impactCustomer experienceNew opportunityTechnical viabilityLegal constraints and data availability Alignment with Business needs Potential to increase revenues or reduce costs Potent

12、ial to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty Value added initiative with differentiation capabilities Initiatives not in progress At other areas of the Bank Stress Big Data reference architecture1( requirements)Complexity to gather data from multiple sources Accessibility and

13、quality of information2 Boundaries regarding the use of informationPotential to improve Business and assess potential initiativesPotential to improve Business and relevanceFeasibilityHighMediumPriority+Low 18603-01-BBVA-Big-Data-Phase1-Mar13-RC.v.DT2.pptx91Copyright 2013

14、 by The Boston Consulting Group,Inc.All rights reserved.Detail of the initiatives not selected(I)5 drivers used to filter each initiativeInitiativeCommentTax fraud detection(FS+PS)Reputational risk and personal dataDigital Health Care business(FS+TMT+HC)Limited opportunity for FSTarget and incentive

15、 setting system 2.0(FS)Limited impact and no necessityBetter trading decisions(FS)Based only on social media sourcesCard fraud detection(FS+TMT)Current card fraud detection methods matureDynamic branch management(FS+TMT)Limited impact and no necessityOther methods to manage branches are in placeSpon

16、sorship value creation(FS+Other)Low potential to capture valueDifficult to identify information to measure impact124531.Business impact 2.Customer experience 3.New opportunity 4.Technical viability 5.Legal constraints and data availabilityBackupFulfillment of filterLowHighFulfilment of filterLowHigh18603-01-BBVA-Big-Data-Phase1-Mar13-RC.v.DT2.pptx92Copyright 2013 by The Boston Consulting Group,Inc.All rights reserved.Detail of the initiatives not selected(II)5 drivers used to filter each initiat


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